Living A Poetic Life
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Living A Poetic Life


Living a Poetic Life is about living in the poetry of one’s life; in its beauty, inspiration, creativity, and expansiveness. Through looking truthfully at one’s behavior and beliefs, one has the opportunity to go beyond limitations and experience
a new world opening up. Rev. Johanna uses the practices of Science of Mind and tools from the Arbinger Institute to live
in an out-of-the-box place.


The symbol for this powerful and moving work is a daisy, which represents purity and the transformation that takes place when we recognize the beauty that is expressing as us, and as the life we live.


What is the journey? The journey is letting go of false beliefs of who we are.  It is letting go of the illusion that we are more worthy or less worthy than somebody else. It is recognizing that there is only One Divine Creative Energy from which all has come and
that One manifests as all that there is which includes each and every one of us. Living from the place of knowing, is living as love. This doesn’t only make our lives better. When we live from knowing our true nature, we create the space for others to know their true nature.

Rev. Johanna offers private sessions, workshops, and classes to support you on your journey of discovery. To get in touch with Rev. Johanna, please send her an email below.

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about johanna

Johanna lives her life by the motto 
“Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway”
Rev. Johanna van Gelder
Rev. Johanna van Gelder

She was led by these words as she left her home in the Netherlands and moved to the United States in 1984.  At that time, she had $100 in her pocket, a small backpack filled with clothes and metaphysical books, and her deep faith in life.

Johanna’s unique outlook on life has been informed by the many roles she has embodied: immigrant, mother to a multicultural son, long-term resident of an Ashram, and partner in a bi-racial committed relationship.​

Johanna’s journey into New Thought started in September of 1981, and she is passionate about Freedom in all of its forms.  Her favorite practice for connecting with Freedom is through contemplating Sacred Poetry.

She is happiest when supporting others in seeing their true nature, knowing who they are, and helping them to express these truths.  Her loving, giving heart is apparent wherever she goes, particularly in the relationships she fosters with her son, her partner, her friends, her cats, her community, and through her work. ​

Johanna is a Licensed Minister of Religious Science and a member of the Arbinger Coaching Network.  She is an adjunct minister at Center for Spiritual Living Simi Valley and a doctoral student at Emerson Theological Institute.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her life-partner and their two cats.