free zone

Free zone

a blank page

on which I create

without the scribbles from the past


A blank page

filled with promise of what can be.


I am joy

I am prosperous

I am love


Detours taken

are erased

any time I want

so I stand freely

in the love I am

in the prosperity I am

In the joy I am.

JOHANNA VAN GELDER, November 20, 2018


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a poem

A poem wants to come


But I don’t know

                         what it is

Relax, relax

   into it…

          Let it come forward     

                   Give it space

                       Give it breath

                           Let go of the


                                          Open your hands                   

                                                                 Let go

And the poem of life


JOHANNA VAN GELDER, February, 2018


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Bigheartedness of friends blowing away cobwebs in your mind.


Bountiful bubbles in a bath drawn to soothe.


Liberality in laughter lifting all who hears.


Generousness shown in portions joyfully served at the Junkyard Cafe.


Largesse love lavished upon the lonely.


Munificence of my cat Ms. Fluffington whose silky fur calms my nerves.


Openhandedness in welcoming others observing the truth of their being.


Openheartedness in letting people rest in our presence overflowing with peace.


Philanthropic service supporting humanity by serving the homeless a satisfying breakfast.


Unselfishness made possible by knowing our ever-present nature.

JOHANNA VAN GELDER, September 6, 2018


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meyer lemon yellow

To surrender

    to love

    to possibilities

    to that space of knowing


That space of knowing

    that is light in my heart

A light golden yellow

    guiding my every step


A light yellow pleasant to the eye

which is in the hearts of all


The first impression

of the word spoken for a New Year


A golden yellow light, but not too golden


Yellow like meyer lemons,

    the deep yellow,

            so pleasant to the eye


The deep yellow

    A yellow poem

    How many shades of yellow

    are there?


Infinite like the Divine


in its myriad forms

Infinite shades of yellow

Variations I have never seen


Others come and go

Deeply familiar with some

Superficially familiar with



And I have my own yellow

a Meyer Lemon yellow

it shifts

it moves

can’t grasp it or hold it tight

I can surrender to it

and it’s so pleasant to the eye.



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take time to look

Places I cannot reach

Experiences I haven’t had

Worlds I don’t know about


The desire to know it all,

to experience it all,

to understand what

life is like for others.


The Divine manifesting

Itself so it gets to know



Is that what this desire is?

Or is it just plain curiosity?

Is there such a thing as plain?

Is a Meyer lemon plain?


When I stop

and take the time to look

its beauty springs forth.



Take time to look

(with love)



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the feminine

Moonlight dancing softly on the dark surface of the lake.

The healing power of listening allowing the fountain of inner knowing
           to run over into the basin of the conscious.

The father nurturing the young so they can be themselves in the world.

The gentle whispers of intuition catching our attention.

Creative out-of-the-box thinking I see evidence of all around the house.

Sensual lips of my beloved.

The beautiful curves of the body.

The rise and fall of our emotions informing us, protecting our well-being.

The earth receiving seeds in its rich habitat allowing the seeds to grow into whom
          they were meant to be.

Water in a creek gliding through the open woodland scattered with periwinkle.

The pleasure of wearing your skin and perceiving your sexuality exuding from it.

The flowing movement of a flag in the summer breeze.

Our muse inspiring us to reach and stretch into greater articulation.

The feminine, she resides in us all.



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thank you very much!

Thank you very much

Dank je wel

Danke schon

Merci beaucoup

Muchas gracias

Grazie mille


I give thanks

on All Saints Day

for those

who have walked before me

and found their way

into the Heart.


Rumi, Hafiz, Rabia

your poetry

guides me through the


of day to day existence.


St. Thomas Aquinas, Jesus of Nazareth, St. Catherine of Siena

your teachings


every action I take.


Rabia, Mirabai, St. Teresa of Avila

you show me

how to be unstoppable

in my pursuit

to live the Light.



I give thanks

on All Soul’s Day

for those who have

walked before me

on this earth.


Geertje and Adrianus

for giving me life

and values

a home to protect me.


Gerda, my big sister

who by stepping out

of tradition

gave me permission

to walk my path.


Omas and Opas

some of you

I’ve hardly known

but your hardworking creed

was passed on

to me.


Ooms and Tantes

you formed

the tribe

I could call my own.


For All Saints Day and All Souls Day

I say


Grazie mille

Muchas gracias

Merci beaucoup

Danke schon

Dank je wel

Thank you very much.



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